Didcot Win Wing Swimming Competition

One of the highlights of the wing sporting calendar saw 130 cadets take part in the Wing Swimming Championships at Temple Cowley Swimming Pool on Saturday, 7th September. Cadets arrived in high spirits ready to swim likes fishes and gain points for their squadrons to try and take home the combined trophy from the day.

As the first races started it was clear there was some excellent swimmers within the wing and the competition was going to be tough. FS Tweddle, Wing Sports Officer commented on how each year the number of cadets taking part in the event was increasing. This year been the highest number in attendance in the past 5 years as the word spreads at the enjoyment of the day and squadrons try and win the trophies across all the age categories.

During the event the Wing Media Officer took some time to talk to the cadets and find out a bit more as to what brings cadets to the events and the training some squadrons undertake.

Cpl Dawson, 2410 (Didcot) Squadron had previously been selected to present the wing at the region swimming competition in the Breaststroke and Individual Medley. She commented that more cadets attended from the squadron this year as the newer cadets knew what the event was about and the squadron had spent time at a local pool training and supporting each other prior to the event.

Sgt Portwain, 2477 (Britwell) Squadron had also previously represented the wing at the regional competition and for many of the 16 cadets representing the squadron, it was their first time at the event. All the cadets from the squadron were in very high spirits and the team talks showed they were feeling competitive and aiming to win!

7 cadets from 1996 (Earley) Squadron had heard from other cadets about the competition and how much they had enjoyed previous year’s events. For 5 of the cadets it was their first time at the event but definitely not their last.

All the cadets that attended left in high spirits and with a good mix of cadets from across squadrons within the wing making up the team heading off to the region competition we look forward to hearing their success. The squadron results from the day are listed and congratulations to 2410 (Didcot) squadron as the overall winners.


Junior Boys Senior Boys
=3rd (21pts) 966 (Wallingford) 3rd (19pts) 2120 (Witney)
=3rd (21pts) 1996 (Earley) 2nd (25pts) 2211 (Bracknell)
2nd (24pts) 2410 (Didcot) 1st (38pts) 2410 (Didcot)
1st (38pts) 136 (Chipping Norton)
Overall Male
3rd (37pts) 1996 (Earley)
2nd (38pts) 136 (Chipping Norton)
1st (62pts) 2410 (Didcot)
Junior Girls Senior Girls
3rd (20pts) 2507 (Bicester) 3rd (24pts) 2402 (Burghfield)
2nd (24pts) 2499 (Wokingham) 2nd (28pts) 2211 (Bricknell)
1st (30pts) 2211 (Bracknell) 1st (31pts) 2410 (Didcot)
Overall Female
3rd (41pts) 2402 (Burghfield)
2nd (49pts) 2410 (Didcot)
1st (58pts) 2211 (Bracknell)
Overall Scores
3rd (61pts) 2402 (Burghfield)
2nd (83pts) 2211 (Bracknell)
1st (111pts) 2410 (Didcot)

Did you attend this year’s competition? Share your stories with your squadron or on the Wing Facebook page and encourage others to attend and help with checking to see if ‘Are You on Target’. Thanks go to all the cadets and staff that attended and to CI Neil Parramore for providing the photographs from the day.