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14 December 18

Security Bulletin

Security matters to us all

Message from the Comdt AC

Seasons greetings from Comdt AC

Music Visit

Opportunity to visit the RAF Central Band Music Services -good careers visit

IACE 2019

Canada and Netherlands places for TVW

TVW Climbing Club

Go Climbing in 2019

Star Gazing

Follow them stars

RIAT 2019 -calling notice

read and follow process in TVW RIAt 2019

RIAT 2019

We have more places this year -abide by dates and criteria

Note; We will get nothing in 2020

Camps 2019

Early notification on Camps 2019 - we need staff to commit to these dates!
Note ; No Easter or Autumn Camps for TVW(we did well last year)
RAFG Camps have been allocated by region this years -
South West misses out

WExO Message

A message from scrooge

Message from AOC 22Gp

Air Cadets gets a mention

Staffing Message from OC Wing

Thanks and vacancies from OC Wing -you will also note that OC Wing has announced he is standing down (nothing to do with BREXIT)

Updated TOR for OC Sqn

Read and consider


Looking for a challenge ?

Cadet Training -Ranges

Seems late 2018 edition but still an important read


Make sure you read it

SBN -Range orders

Please make sure all rules are followed

Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

New security clearance is upon us - with only Wing Hqs staff allowed to check who you are. letters to those invited to be checked will go out early New year

Forecast of Events

Please see note from Sqn Ldr Palmer

Training Officers Conference

Please encourage your Training Officers to attend -new ideas ,networking -its good to talk.

07 December 18

Air Cadet Leadership

Fantastic opportunity

ACLC 2019

Allocations to regions

ACLC 19 Application Form

Push this towards SNR cadets!

Sqn Owned vehicle (SOV)

Are you covered -its a regulation!

SOV -template

Permit 19 is a serious break of rule - please complete chart and return to Wing hqs


Concerns raised about lack of renewals!

Updated JIs for L98

please check and read

WHT - The results

Update your SMS

WHT - results

Update your SMS

Alcohol Policy

Sqn Dinner's,Parties etc - No Cadets drinking or Staff having one or two too many -stay within our policy

Enjoy the occasion but be careful

Train the Trainer Course

Principal of Flight Train the Trainer Course

JIs for Radio Course

Read and disseminate please

JIs for Cyber Radio Course

Read and disseminate

DoE Information

Good advice and opportunities


All SOVs must have one

30 November 18

Thrive Awards 2018 -The Winners

Congratulations to the Winners

get thinking for 2019.

Commandants Certificates -Cadets

Cadets received their Certificates from Regional Commandant at the Awards Evening - congratulations

Commandants Certificates - Staff

Staff receive their Certificates from Regional Commandant


Regional Commandants Certificates

Certificates awarded by Regional Commandant

Inspirational Civilian Instructor

Ellie Salt 2402 Burghfield Sqn presented her award by the sponsor - Sqn ldr Senft(ret'd)

Valiant Non -Commissioned Officer

FSgt Andy Morley - 2121 Abingdon Sqn presented his award by
CWO's Rynsburger and Perry-Brewer

Outsatnding Junior Officer

Pilot Officer Steve Morris -Wing Training Team receives his award from Gp Capt Lane -dep CEO SERFCA -event sponsor

Unsung Hero

FSgt Steve Pedge - 2121 Abingdon Sqn receives his award from
Lt Col C Booth (ret'd) The Worshipful Company Arts Scholars

Endeavour Award

Pilot Officer Kevin Tobin -2210 Cowley Sqn receives his award from Regional Commandant

Affiliation -The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars

We have been invited to become affiliated to The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars - will bring awards to staff and cadets - free advice on relevant topics from experts

New ID Card Form

“ Please note a new ID card form. HQAC will not accept the old version. Please also note the photograph must be in uniform. For more details see ACP 20 PI 109.”

Say Thanks

Nominate someone for an award

Cross Country

Spread the word -we realise its close to New year break but dates are controlled by Region Competition and Corps dates

Swimming Championships

Calling all Swimmers

First Aid for All Staff

Please read message from Wing First Aid Officer

Wing Music -Mess event

Wing Bandmaster is trying to get your skills recognised -please support her!

Wing Dinner Menu

Some not happy -menu option added ; Lamb or Chicken
deadline is 21 Dec.

Dinner proforma

Please complete for your menu choice


See quotation -funds are being chased

Joining Inst for L98A2 IWT

Joining Inst for L98A2 IWT 15-16 Dec 18 at the [retracted] or SHQ 2121

23 November 18

Cash Handling

All event organisers are reminded that there is a Cash Handling Policy in place -must be used for every event

Cyber Training

Claims for certificates should be sent to Flt Lt Sarah Sturgeon, the Regional Radio Officer (

Silver Leadership Joining Instructions

Please read and pass details on

Event Payments

Please note -without repeating myself again- we do not take cheques or cash at Wing Hqs .Read instructions that goes out with all activities that involves a payment.

Shooting Support

We need support to run these events


Good advice leaflet

Future TLC

Please read carefully the details and correct method for paymnet. Do not send in forms without correct details required.

TLC Paymnet

Complete with all details and return to wing hqs..

AVIP Joining Instructions

Please pass on details to all registered.

MOI Joining Instructions

You on the list ? Make sure all attendees are aware


Please disseminate


Please pass on information

16 November 18

Paying For events

WExO note -please read all mail drop items past and present

SLATE Guidance

Note to explain to parents

2FTS Newsletter

new short term OC 2FTS


Majority of these points we abide by -read allocations for more informationi

AEF Allocations

Some will be happy some will be sad -my hands are tied over weekend and mid week flying -early indications please if you cant fill allocation. Pressure is on from CCF to also share weekend flying!!!

Change of Dates

Please check change of dates and inform all

DoE Bulletin

Please note and disseminate

TDT Courses

Please check datesd and deadlines