Monthly Archives: July 2011

Wallingford cadets fly in to help with Air Display

Fourteen cadets and six members of staff from 966 (Wallingford) Squadron attended the annual North Moreton Air Pageant organised by Polly Vacher who is also the Squadron’s Honorary President.

20110711_wallingfor_fly_in_to_help_subThis year, courtesy of Wing Commander Jason Appleton, who commands 28 (AC) Squadron at RAF Benson, the cadets and staff were transported from RAF Benson in the Merlin helicopter which was scheduled to be part of the event.  Continue reading

Are you a Fan?

The Wing Facebook page, Thames Valley Air Cadets, now has over 445 Fans from across the globe and the numbers are increasing everyday!

The site, which has been live for over a year, has been running as a trial to see what interest there is amongst the cadets, staff and supporters of Thames Valley Wing and has been a resounding success. Currently, anyone can post information or photographs onto the site, which is updated almost daily and managed by the Wing Media Team. Continue reading

594 to the Fore!

A team of select cadets from 594 (Thame) Squadron proved they were the best in a test of field craft skills held recently at Bramley Training Area.

The weekend had originally been scheduled for a Inter-Service Competition with the Sea Cadet Corps and Army Cadet Force – but when the other cadet services pulled out the weekend was quickly offered to all of Thames Valley Wing’s Squadrons, 7 of which took up this short notice challenge. Continue reading

18 Silver wing solos in 6 days

The staff of 612 Volunteer Gliding Squadron based at Abingdon had a productive end to the month of June by sending 18 students solo in their Vigilant T1 over six days, bringing the Squadron’s total for the first six months of the year to an impressive 54.  The first 6 of the 18 were ATC cadets on weekend courses who all soloed on the same day. These solos took place on the day before the start of a continuous course which saw a further 10 ATC and CCF cadets solo over the next five days. With ‘trade’ running out, the staff of 612 brought in other weekend cadets and two more solos were achieved with two days of the course remaining. Continue reading