Monthly Archives: June 2014

High Frequency (HF) Field Day

The High Frequency (HF) Field Day is a national ACO radio competition that take place several times per year.  Whilst it is led by the Air Cadets the CCF, SCC and ACF are invited to take part.

Plt Off Jon Barker paid a visit to the competition to see how cadets from 2507 (Bicester) were doing during the event and provides some insight to the competition. Continue reading

Exercise Sam Taylor Walk

On Saturday, 7 June 15 cadets from 136 (Chipping Norton) Squadron took part in a sponsored walk in honour of former 136 Squadron cadet, Sam Taylor.

Starting from the small Gloucestershire village of Condicote, the cadets travelled with two adult staff members on a 22km route to Broadway Tower in Worcestershire, the second highest point in the Cotswolds. Other staff members were on hand at various checkpoints along the route to provide extra drinking water and any other help that might have been needed. Continue reading

2014 AT Camp at NACATC Llanbedr

23 Cadets and 11 Staff from Thames Valley Wing organised and attended the 2014 Wing AT Camp at NACATC Llanbedr at the end of May.

After some careful planning and paperwork the week started with a journey to North Wales on a coach, after settling into the camp and receiving various briefs the Cadets and Staff were split into 3 groups. We archived our aim of delivering a jammed packed and varied programme giving the Cadets a taster in each of the core AT activities. Continue reading