Monthly Archives: June 2013

Llanbedr 2013

May 2013 saw cadets and staff from across Thames Valley Wing put the corps motto Venture Adventure into practice at our National Air Cadet Adventure Training Centre Llanbedr, North Wales.

A sunny start to the summer has seen the Wing rife with adventure training opportunities from squadrons out walking in the sunshine, to indoor climbing and the Wing Adventure Training day that took place 2 weeks ago where we enjoyed a day of climbing and canoeing. All this has meant a busy few months for the Adventure Training staff, all this fun however kicked off on the 18th of May with the staff being joined at Edward Brooke Barracks by 4 eager cadets from all over the Wing. Cadets Joe Morrison, Tom Barnden, Libby Parsons and Emma Popovic were about to be immersed in a week of nonstop adventure training. Here is how the week went for them. Continue reading

Exercise Fallen Angel – Fieldcraft Training with Newbury

211 (Newbury) squadron were recently joined by cadets and staff from 2293 (Marlborough) and 1996 (Earley) squadrons to take part in Exercise Fallen Angel, a 3 night fieldcraft exercise at Bramley Training Area.

Starting on Friday evening, the cadets arrived at the training area with all their kit in tow and after a quick safety brief and deciding on flights, the two teams found their “bivvi” area where they would sleep for the night and began setting up. 24 hour ration packs were to be the food of choice for the weekend, and the cadets had to patrol tactically to their “drop-zone” and wait for the “helicopter” to insert them into their area. Continue reading

Paddlesport & Climbing Day

With summer finally here, cadets & staff from Thames Valley Wing took to the water & climbing wall at Adventure Dolphin in Pangbourne for the Wing’s Multiactivity Adventure Training Day. 12 cadets and 4 staff members from across the Thames Valley attended the event, with all enjoying the warm weather and sunshine!

Following an introduction into what the day would involve, the cadets were split into two groups to tackle morning’s respective challenges. The first being a taxing “throw the shoe” warm up lead by CI Ollie Holman of 2402 squadron. Following this, the flights went their separate ways – an introduction to Paddlesport in open canoes or tackling 9 challenging climbing routes on the climbing wall. Continue reading

Success for Wallingford Squadron Cadets

Every year cadets from 966 (Wallingford) Sqn compete with the Wallingford detachment of the Army Cadet Force for two awards presented by the local Branch of the Royal British Legion.  This year, on 30 May, the squadron pulled off a hat-trick by winning both the awards.  Following an interview of the nominated cadets from both organisations by the Wallingford RBL, it was decided to present the ‘Cadet of the Year Award 2013’ to FS Sally Evans and the ‘Tony Smith Memorial Shield Award 2013’ to Sgt Tamara Simmons.  Continue reading