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52 Years and Counting for David!

Flight Lieutenant David Middleton, 65, from 459 (Windsor) Squadron has just reached a unique milestone after receiving his fifth bar to his Cadet Forces Medal marking 52 years of cadet and adult service to the Air Training Corps.

When, in 1962,  he started his time in light blue uniform as a cadet the venerable Mosquito was about to be retired from RAF service and The Beatles were about to recruit Ringo to their ranks. In the intervening years his life has been one of service not only to the Air Cadets but also in his career with the Royal Household. Continue reading

Lifetime Flight in an RAF Hawk

Cdt FS Osasona from 2477 (Britwell) squadron attended RAF Valley in January to experience a once in a life time opportunity to have a flight in a hawk aircraft. She attended Easter Camp last year and was awarded Best NCO to which she was award the opportunity to fly in the Hawk and has told us how the day went.

“First of all, I’d like to say that this opportunity was the best of my life. I was in Southampton on Wednesday 8th January when I got the call that I was expected to report to RAF Valley Anglesey the very next day. I was panicking a little about transport arrangements, but thankfully Sqn Ldr Beardsley took an entire day out of his holiday to get a member of wing staff to give up a day to take me up there. Continue reading