Fieldcraft Trailblazers

Cadets and staff have recently undertaken two fieldcraft weekends with almost 90 cadets and staff being trained.

The first weekend focused on cadet fieldcraft skills with some of the cadets even sleeping under the stars in bivouacs with none of their normal luxuries. That alone is tough enough but to then add two days of intense and relentless training makes their achievement all the more significant.

Flt Lt Dan Azizian takes up the story

“What made it amazing was that every cadet on Tactical Leadership Course: Fieldcraft 2 passed – a first since we introduced the assessments – and this is testament to the quality of instruction and the determination of the cadets. Each cadet made us proud and it was a fantastic weekend for all involved”.

A separate, staff only, weekend saw a training exercise with weapons and blank and training ammunition designed to build up a core team to, in turn, deliver the same experience to cadets. The training was overseen by members of the South West Small Arms Training Team as well as the South West Training Safety Adviser.