Thames Valley Heroes

Almost 30 Thames Valley Wing Cadets, Staff and Civilian Committee Members have been awarded prestigious awards by Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Gordon Moulds.

The awards were held at a glittering ceremony at Oxford’s Falklands House. After the awards the Commandant said “I hold the ACO Volunteer in extremely high regard as without the efforts of the volunteer there is not an organization. I am extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to express my personal thanks and appreciation”

The following awards were made:

Commandants Commendations/Certificates of Good Service

Cdt Sgt Chakrit Suriyo 2403 (Aldermaston) Sqn
Cdt FS Lee Tustain 2410 (Didcot) Sqn
Cdt Sgt Christopher Newnham 1315 (Kidlingston) Sqn
Cdt FS Leanna Clarke 381 (Reading) Sqn
CWO Risanna Brooks 594 (Thame) Sqn
Cdt FS John Beddoes 2403 (Aldermaston) Sqn
Flt Lt Joan Smith 2121 (Abingdon) Sqn
AWO Clive Nuttall 459 (Windsor) Sqn
Mrs Nicky Mercer 2410 (Didcot) Sqn
Mr David Mercer 2410 (Didcot) Sqn
Mrs Susan Haines 2120 (Witney) Sqn
Mr William Goodwin 2120 (Witney) Sqn
Flt Lt (Ret’d) Bob Dover 2267 (Brize Norton) Sqn
Sqn Ldr (Ret’d) Steve Abbey Wing HQ
Flt Lt (Ret’d) Peter Trask 211 (Newbury) Sqn
Flt Lt Julian Rose 612 VGS
Flt Lt Peter Mockeridge 612 VGS
Cpl Nik Cole RAF Brize Norton/2507 (Bicester) Sqn
Flt Lt Chris Breward 2507 (Bicester) Sqn
CI Mick Marshall 1315 (Kidlington) Sqn
CI Nick Axford 1315 (Kidlington) Sqn

South West Regional Commandants Certificates of Good Service

Flt Lt Tom Churnside 966 (Wallingford) Sqn
Mrs Vicky Metcalfe 381 (Reading) Sqn
CI Steven Herbert 2477 (Britwell) Sqn
Plt Off Jane Wicks 2410 (Didcot) Sqn
AWO Paul Bentley 1460 (Banbury) Sqn