Successfully Providing Lifesaving Skills

Staff development within Thames Valley Wing is co-ordinated and delivered by the ‘Training and Development Team’ which has recently been expanded which some new staff members. Leading the team Sdn Ldr Johnson is OC TDSU (Training Development and Support Unit) who ensures that cadets and staff are offered all the correct training including but not limited to Instructor Cadet Courses, Cadet Youth 1st Aid and Staff Cadet Courses for those cadets turning 18 years old.

The Wing Media Officer recently attended the Expedition 1st Aid course and found out more about the 1st aid training available to cadets and staff within the Wing with Flt Lt M Houghton, the newly appointed Wing 1st Aid Officer.

Running over a weekend at RAF Halton the course provides two qualifications for staff both a ‘First Aid at Work’ certificate that is a nationally recognised qualification and also an expedition 1st aid qualification which helps to support those staff offering Adventure Training within the organisation. Using a mix of theory and practical sessions the course covered a wide variety of topics such as burns and fractures, how to medevac a casualty from a situation and been able to improvise when you haven’t always got equipment close to hand.

The weekend conclude with assessments on CPR and also how to deal with a casualty situation and manage different injuries and deal with multiple people within one situation. Once individuals have passed the course the qualification will be valid for 3 years and re-fresher courses are provided for people to keep their 1st Aid skills updated. Cadet courses are run on a similar format and keep an eye open for more information in future news.