The Falcon flies high again!

Exercise Falcon II was a progressive training weekend held recently at Crowborough Training Camp and was attended by 40 cadets and 14 instructors from 1996 (Earley) Squadron, 459 (Windsor) Squadron, 447 (Henley on Thames) Squadron, 155 (Maidenhead) Squadron, 2402 (Burghfield) Squadron, and 1116 (Woodley) Squadron. This skills camp saw the cadets and staff take part in a range of core activities including Shooting, Fieldcraft, Map Reading & Navigation, Radio skills, and Leadership.

The Camp Commandant was Pilot Officer Nick Erander

“Morale across the staff and cadets was exceptionally high at the end of the weekend, as everyone could take away something. For the majority of the cadets on the camp, this was their first experience of a camp and military environment”.

Nick continues

“For the more senior cadets and NCO’s who my have previously experienced activities like this before, they took away valuable experience as flight NCO’s, Flight Commanders, or instruction experience as part of the teams that delivered training”.