Perfect Drill Techniques For Top Cadets

RAF Benson in Oxfordshire was the location of top quality marching drill when some of the best cadets from across Oxfordshire and Berkshire attended the latest Supplementary Drill Course to be run by Thames Valley Wing Air Cadets.

Led by the Wing Warrant Officer, WO Jon Lambert ATC, a cadre of 7 instructors took 41 senior cadets under their wing and taught them everything from the intricacies of banner and ceremonial drill through to the skills required to pass that knowledge on to younger cadets on their own Squadrons. The course was a mixture of classroom theory and parade square practice and saw each of the students develop gradually as the day progressed. The end result was a display of outstanding drill from all in attendance.

Additionally there was the opportunity for the cadets of 1116 (Woodley) Squadron to attend the day and brush up on their own drill skills before representing the South West Region of the Air Cadets in the forthcoming National Drill Championships

Warrant Officer Lambert summed up the activity when he said that “It was a successful day’s training with the hard work paying off for all concerned. The cadets put in a bold effort and reached an extremely high standard all round.” He added “I would also like to wish 1116 Squadron all the best in the forthcoming competition.”