Hanging around at Craggy Island

2402 Burghfield Squadron organised a session climbing with local Squadrons at Craggy Island in Guilford. 12 Cadets and 7 Staff members from Burghfield, Woodley, Newbury, Wokingham, Wallingford and Windsor Squadrons attended the session.

The morning started at 1116 Woodley Sqn with a kit issue, brief on how to put on a climbing harness, helmet how to tie into the rope and belaying techniques.

We then departed to Craggy Island.

After the brief we split into 4 groups and got the Staff and Cadets climbing, this was followed by lunch in the centre Café. In the afternoon there was a chance to have a go at bouldering and also an abseil was setup so the cadets and staff had the chance to experience that too.

FS Chris Harding of Burghfield Squadron who organised the event said “the climbing at Craggy Island was enjoyed by all the Cadets and Staff. I’d like to extend my thanks to the ACO staff for transporting the Cadets and their assistance on the day with running the session.”