Cadets visit the RAF Museum London

On Sunday 5th February 45 Cadets and Staff attended the RAF Museum London, at RAF Hendon for ATC Sunday, recognising the 76th Anniversary of the Corps formation.

The coach trip, travelling from Thames Valley’s Central Sector included Cadets from Abingdon, Brize Norton, Wantage, Wallingford and Witney Squadrons was organised to further promote and encourage the Cadets interest in Aviation and to visit the 75th Anniversary exhibition. This exhibition has been on display to recognise the significant anniversary milestone the ATC has reached. On display was the ATC Story over the years, a Viking glider cockpit for the Cadets to sit in, and included the Anniversary torch, which travelled the length and breadth of the country in a rely between the Corps 34 Wings.

Cpl Steptoe from Abingdon Squadron said:

“it was interesting to see the uniforms Cadets used to wear and to learn more about the Cadet experience when it first formed”.

The Cadets also explored the rest of the museum exploring aircraft in the RAF’s history in the Historical hall, Bomber Hall, Milestones in Aviation and the Grahame-White Factory. Cadet Long from Wantage Squadron Was thrilled by bomber hall “The Lancaster is my favourite aircraft and it was great to see one up close” while Mr Lazenby of Witney Squadron particularly enjoyed the Graham-White Factory.

“I am currently working on a Bristol F.2b Fighter model and it has been great to see one in full scale to inspire my model making”.

While in attendance Cadets challenged by a quiz sheet of the aircraft on display with Abingdon picking up the top prize (35 points), closely followed by Witney (32 points) and Wallingford (27 points).