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We hope you enjoy looking through all of the activities on offer to aviation and aerospace inspired young people throughout Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

We are sure that you will be interested in joining our team whether it is as a cadet or as an adult volunteer.

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Didcot Squadron are back!

We are back! After more than a year since the first lockdown paused all Air Cadet activity the Cadets and Staff of 2410 (Didcot) Squadron have met for their first face-to-face event of 2021 for a day walk in the Oxfordshire countryside around Blewbury.
We will be returning to parade nights in May and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish over the coming year.

2020 Awards – RAFAC Commandant’s Certificates

Flt Lt K Kisley
Flt Lt P Bennett
Fg Off S Morris
WO A Mchenry
WO G Rawlings
WO S Robinson
FS R Reeve
CI Mr J Bowsher
CI Mr N Parramore
Rev Harwood
Rev Hillier
Mr S Haines
Mrs Y Miller
Mr J Payne
Mrs U Bozeck
Cadet Wo Fell
Cadet FS Southey
Cadet FS Van Rooyen
Cadet FS Pon-Guimares
Cadet FS Honor
Cadet FS Hammond
Cadet FS Meechan
Cadet FS Doe
Cadet Sgt Bhamra
Cadet Sgt Smith
Cadet Sgt Andrews
Cadet Sgt Lewis
1460 Banbury Sqn
155 Maidenhead Sqn
Wing Staff Officer
Wing Warrant Officer
2477 Britwell Sqn
211 Newbury Sqn
2121 Witney Sqn
155 Maidenhead Sqn
2477 Britwell Sqn
211 Newbury Sqn
153 Slough Sqn
155 Maidenhead Sqn
447 Henley Sqn
Wing Executive Committee
Wing Headquarters
211 Newbury Sqn
2121 Abingdon Sqn
153 Slough Sqn
153 Slough Sqn
447 Henley Sqn
447 Henley Sqn
155 Maidenhead Sqn
136 Chipping Norton Sqn
153 Slough Sqn
211 Newbury Sqn
2120 Witney Sqn
2120 Witney Sqn

Combe Gibbet Walk

Knowing the importance a keeping active. It was on a cold autumnal morning, that a socially distanced group of Thames Valley staff gathered at the car park near Walbury Hill. At 279m above sea level this is the highest point in Berkshire. We met for a walk in the local countryside.  This was aimed at maintaining staff currency for walking in the outdoors. The area is also good territory for completing DofE expeditions. Continue reading

Witney Squadron Make a Return

Very cautiously and very carefully, we are BACK! On Tuesday, 20th October 2020, we did the first of five inductions planned to return our Cadets in their new, smaller flights and familiarise them with the new building layout and procedures introduced to make (and keep) us a COVID safe environment.