TASER Expands To 143 Cadets Trained

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October 2013 cadets from 155 (Maidenhead), 381 (Reading), 447 (Henley-on-Thames), 966 (Wallingford), 1861 (Wantage), 1996 (Early), 2210 (Cowley) and 2410 (Didcot) squadrons took part in the monthly TASER (Training And Shooting ExpeRience) weekend held at 447 (Henley-on-Thames) squadron.

The hugely successful weekend saw 19 cadets trained for the first time on the number 8 rifle meeting their first goal on the shooting section of the wing wide ‘Are You On Target’ initiative.

Training on the #8 rifle starts in the morning with lessons on safe handling, rifle maintenance and firing drills and ends in the afternoon following training on the care and safe handling of ammunition. Each cadet is then required to pass a weapons handling test (WHT) before firing their first 5 rounds on the range the same day.

3 cadets also trained on the L98A2 rifle (a modified version of the L85A2 rifle used by serving British forces) and are looking forwards to the live fire opportunities coming up in November.

Exercise Commander Flying Officer James Preston
“With 143 cadets trained on the #8 and or L98A2 rifle TASER continues to deliver one of the core cadet experience promises. I look forwards to 2014 with the inclusion of the L81A2 target rifle which can be used up to ranges of 600m”.

All Air Cadet rifle training and target shooting takes place in controlled conditions and is supervised by qualified adult staff.