Summer camp RAF High Wycombe

RAF High Wycombe, Command Headquarters of the Royal Air Force was the destination for 34 cadets from across Thames Valley Wing for their annual summer camp.

Despite being a centre of administration the Station provided a great base from which the cadets could explore the various functions that the RAF performs within the local area and a hands on experience of RAF history. Activities ranged from a visit to the RAF museum at Hendon to a leadership exercise at the airman’s command school at nearby RAF Halton.

The activities undertaken by the relatively young camp also included a leadership and water sports day on the river Thames, a drill competition and a night exercise which taught the cadets skills such as movement in the field and teamwork.

The highlight of the camp was a visit to RAF Brize Norton where the cadets were treated to a close up inspection of the RAFs new heavy transport aircraft, the truly massive Boeing C17 and the chance to investigate the survival equipment issued to today’s aircrew.

Finally, the cadets were treated to a visit to the World War II bunker at the former RAF Uxbridge, coincidentally on the 70th anniversary of the famous “fight them on the beaches” speech by Winston Churchill which was recorded just hours after he had left the very same bunker during the Battle of Britain.