New Drill Instructor for Thames Valley

Thames Valley Wing has welcomed its latest Drill Instructor in the form of Sgt Zoe Sutcliffe from 2507 (Bicester) Squadron.

Sgt Sutcliffe has recently completed the coveted Senior NCO Staff Drill Instructor Course at the Air Cadet’s Adult Training Facility at RAF Cranwell following a recommendation to attend the course from the Facility’s own Drill Instructor.

The week long course trains staff to teach foot drill and ceremonial drill in a practical sequence and also emphasizes the high standards required at all times by adult staff in the ATC. This challenging course is one of the most sought after in the Corps and represents the pinnacle of drill training. Those who successfully complete the course are entitled to carry the prestigious pace stick as a symbol of their achievement and a tool of their trade.

Sgt Sutcliffe said “I am honored and really proud to become the first female Drill Instructor in Thames Valley Wing. I was presented with my certificate by Air Commodore Stewart, and he commented on the high standards of all of the adult staff that had attended the course “10/10”. I feel that there is a big challenge ahead of me now to encourage more female NCOs to become Drill Instructors too. My confidence has grown and I’m looking forward to attending my first parade with my pace stick!”

Sgt Sutcliffe, will now help to develop the cadets and staff, not only on her own Squadron but throughout the 27 Squadrons which make up Thames Valley Wing.