AEF cadets come face to face with the medics

Having experienced the delights of a mornings flying with 2 AEF at RAF Benson, a group of cadets had the added bonus of a sneak visit to see the air ambulance helicopter.

Arranged by Warrant officer Dan Twigg, the accompanying officer on the day, the cadets from 1116 (Woodley), 2402 (Burghfield) and 2403 (Aldermaston) Squadrons were surprised when it was announced that they would be going to look around the helicopter. Their hopes were temporarily dashed when the helicopter departed. Warrant Officer Twigg takes up the story “we were waiting to go over to the ambulance when it was called out to a shout. It performed a very quick take off which we saw from relatively close up, we all thought that was very cool.  We thought that was going to be it but luckily it returned after a short while as the call had been a false alarm.”

Once they were called back over the staff and cadets were invited to have a good walk around and the opportunity to sit in the machine whilst the pilot and paramedic remained on hand to answer any questions the group might have had. In the words of Warrant Officer Twigg “they were both very engaging and gave a good account of what they do, overall this was a really good visit.”