The Royal Air Force Walking and Road Marching Association (RAFWARMA) aim is to promote the sport of walking of all types. Within this, RAFWARMA organise a 2-day march every year. This is a 50 mile route around Cosford and its surrounding area. The Wing team train on a weekly basis (beginning in January). RAFWARMA is the qualifying route for the Nijmegen March a 100 mile march over four days in the Netherlands.

6am Saturday 21st April the team was formed up and ready to begin the challenge. Songs were sung and the miles flew by and we managed to complete the first 25 miles in 8 hours. Everyone was in high spirt (even if there were a few blisters!).

Day 2 started slightly earlier than the previous day but everyone was buzzing to begin the second part of the challenge. The wing flags were flying high and again, the team completed the 25miles in 8 hours and everyone was still smiling as we marched onto the parade square to receive our medals with Air Commodore McCafferty taking the salute as we marched in.

“A challenging but fun and rewarding experience and I cannot wait for the Nijmegen March again this year”

Cdt Cpl Greggory 2210 (Cowley) Squadron

“Very proud feeling to walk in and finish with everyone that made this experience so worthwhile”

Cdt Cpl Andrews 2120 (Witney) Squadron

“Truly a great experience, the cadets and staff all helped each other along and there was a true sense of belonging within the team. The training was always fun and marching in at the end of day two was unlike anything else I had done as a cadet”

Cdt Sgt Tobin 2507 (Bicester) Squadron

From this march the team going on to represent the Wing in Nijmegen were selected. It was a tough decision for all the staff as a limited amount of places available and the amount of worthy cadets didn’t match but overall a team of 10 cadets were selected. We wish them the best of luck in July!

Of course this would not have been possible without the staff’s dedication, time and enthusiasm so a big thank you to Flt Lt Wicks, CI Brine and Rfn Goff!