RAF St Mawgan Summer Camp 2015

A report by Sgt McAleese of 2267 (Brize Norton) Squadron.

We started our journey to RAF St Mawgan on the 18th July, trekking amongst the hills and scenery of Cornwall and surrounding areas. When we arrived we were shown our rooms, and got the chance to freshen for dinner. The meals were fantastic, and although the juice looked like something nuclear; it was still tasty.

During the week we visited the Eden Project, where many of us took the opportunity to go right to the top of the rainforest dome, taking group pictures and absorbing the 35 degree heat. We also managed to see the new dinosaur exhibition in the Mediterranean zone, after our visit to the domes we all tried the Eden ice cream, and explored the grounds a bit more. We also visited a very interesting museum situated on an ex RAF airfield, RAF Davidstow, where a very nice man and his staff took us round; explaining to us how the RAF, Army and Navy used to be, what happened during World War II, and why.

Another place we visited during the week was Newquay, where we had an inter flight ‘navigational selfie’ competition, where we had to visit points in Newquay and take selfies with specific landmarks.

As like most camps we had a drill competition, only this time we did it “St Mawgan style” by putting a theme into continuity drill sequence, this would be the theme of ‘tribal’. At a point during the week we got the chance to visit Falmouth and do some climbing, and take a visit to the maritime museum; this offered a good chance for some cadets to make props for their drill sequence! The winners of the drill competition were Red Flight!

A lot of cadets got the chance to go flying in Grob Tutors; and test out their aerobatics, and also got to try out shooting and the regional simulators! We had a lot of marksman badges awarded, with one cadet even gaining a Corps Marksman!

I think it was safe to say that St Mawgan was a fantastic camp that if you ever get the chance to go on, should go! Thank you to the Camp Commandant Flt Lt Cragg, Flt Lt Boxwell  Flt Lt Smith, Flt Sgt Pick, Flt Sgt Robinson, CI Jacob, CI Jewett, CI Doyle and all the RAF personnel that made it such an amazing week with so many activities and laughter!