Hot Topics for 136 Cadet at RAFC Cranwell

Following on from the Wing Activities Day 2 cadets from 136 (Chipping Norton) Squadron were selected to represent the wing at the Regional Debating Competition in preparation for an upcoming event at the House of Lords. Cpl Rillie and Cdt Mitchell went to the South West region event back in October alongside cadets from all the services. The day involved training, preparing and practicing debating in order to be selected to represent South West region at RAFC Cranwell. Cdt Mitchell was selected to attend on the 2nd November and provided some words on the event “As requested I have included a photo from the day, the photo was taken during the final in the RAFC Cranwell Chapel.

The day was very interesting with the top 48 debaters in the Corp being present, the competition was very fierce with debates being won and lost by a single point. Whilst unfortunately I did not get selected to be a key or floor speaker I did qualify to go through to the House of Lords sitting in the benches, with the ability to question/add to the debate when the floor is opened to questions.”

He will now travel to London at the end of the month as part of the national event to bring school-age cadets, representing all aspects of the armed forces from across the UK, to debate themes around defence in the House of Lords Chamber. The theme of the event will be ‘The Great War: Listening to the Past; Talking to the Future. Keep an eye on the website for a report on how he gets on at the end of the month.