East Meets West to get “On target”!

A trial has been held by Thames Valley Wing East & West Sectors to explore how to help Squadrons deliver the Field Craft “Are You On Target” foundation module.

The initial trial was held at Bramley Training Area and focussed on the Foundation level of field craft in which cadets learn how to look after themselves in the field including lessons on hygiene, kit maintenance, cooking, shelter building and basic patrolling. Completing this day long training course means they can now sign up for the Wing’s Tactical Leader Camp’s. For this trial, cadets from 155 (Maidenhead) and 1996 (Earley) Squadrons were the guinea pigs and were taught by experienced field craft instructors including WO Tony Margerision and FS Chris Randall with Flt Lt Richard Andrews in support.

Sector Commander, Squadron Leader Mark Trevena, attended the day to see how the cadets and staff enjoyed the day “Although this just a small trial, it is great to see these new cadets get to grips with Fieldcraft. From the lessons we have learnt today we will look at rolling out a full offering with a mix of Foundation Training for new cadets, skills revision for older cadets together with staff update training”.