A Bright New Dawn

Just as you thought Burghfield squadron had gone into hibernation for the winter.

Cadets of 2402 broke the early light to venture to the Madejski stadium in Reading to run and organise the first kit tent for the first 6000 half marathon runners on Sunday 17th March. With pride and enthusiasm as never before they worked through drilling rain and penetrating cold to: Receive, Organise, Store, Guard and Return over 5,500 pieces of personal equipment in record time.

This executive execution and hard work, kept a constant flow of runners through the equipment tent to facilitate changing and keeping warm.

The day was dogged by persistent heavy rain and biting winds, but was worth the many words of thanks from the marathon runners.

At the end, 2402 cadets had only one person’s kit left behind, this runner had collapsed in the changing tent and had been dressed in cadets combat jackets to keep warm as his need was greater than the two cadets that had lent their jackets.

Well done to Cadet J Cotton, and Cadet D Perry-Brewer, for foregoing their personal comfort in consideration of others.

Also well done to 2402 for clearing up the thousands of thermal cloaks left by the runners.