Drill is a Pill!

Almost 50 years to the day 8 ex-Air Cadets from 211 (Newbury) Squadron have reunited to celebrate a famous win. The win in question was a success in the Berkshire Wing Drill Competition, held at Brock Barracks in Reading where the Newbury Cadets won their 5 trophy in a row.

news_1009005_sub1Knowing the 50th anniversary was coming up one of the winning team, Clive Newton, undertook to find as many of the team as possible and bring them and their staff (Sqn Ldr John Boulton DFM and Warrant Officer Cheeseborough) together. The local newspaper, The Newbury Weekly News, published the plea and soon contact was being made worldwide with the ex-Cadets. On hearing the news, the current staff and cadets of 211 Squadron offered to host them for a visit to see the current day Squadron in action.

news_1009005_sub3Following a briefing on the Squadrons many activities, the current Squadron drill squad were put through their paces before some the ex-cadets could not resist seeing how they would compare. To recover the ex-cadets were served a buffet lunch before trying their hands at the Squadron’s flight simulator.

news_1009005_sub2Squadron Leader Trevena of Thames Valley Wing takes up the story “it was immeadiately evident that the ex-cadets still had excellent drill skills after 5 decades and were soon marching with their heads held high as if they were still 15 years old. As they say drill is a pill to be taken twice daily!”.