“Deadly Assassin” Stopped by FTX Cadets!

Protecting a General from a deadly assassin was the task in hand for cadets at the recent Fieldcraft Training Exercise, or FTX for short, held at Bramley Training Area.

Almost 100 cadets and staff from right across Thames Valley Wing threw themselves into a busy weekend of fieldcraft and leadership training in readiness for a realistic scenario which saw them having to solve a complex whodunit puzzle by using their newly found skills.

The “General” for the day was Colonel Brian Tearle, Chairman of the Berkshire Joint Service Cadet Committee who was impressed with what he saw “in Joint Service role I am always very pleased to visit activities from across the 3 services. I have really enjoyed my day with the Air Cadets”.

And if you are worried whether the General survived, you will be pleased to hear that the cadets solved the problem in quick time and arrested the assassin in record time!