Airborne March

Thames Valley Wing will be participating in the Airborne March, which is part of the commemorations of the Battle for Arnhem in the Netherlands in 1944. The Airborne March is in memory to the 1750 plus British and Polish soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944 and who are buried in the War Cemetery at Oosterbeek. The March takes place on the first Saturday in September each year. The first march was held in 1947. Further information on the Airborne March is available from:

Thames Valley Wing will have 67 cadets and volunteer staff participate in 10 and 15 KM route marches as part of this event.

Thames Valley Wing’s objectives for this event are:

  • for cadets and staff to participate in the Arnhem March representing the Air Cadet Organisation and the wider Royal Air Force community;
  • to learn about the Battle of Arnhem by visiting significant locations of the battle and the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek and commemorate the Battle of Arnhem paying their respects at the War Cemetery Oosterbeek;

Should you be interested in participating, there are places available with Thames Valley Wing’s contingent this year. Please contact Flt Lt Nigel Furlong at