Air Cadet Merchandise Research

Here’s your chance to be involved in an exciting project to decide which branded Air Cadet products will be launched later in the year through the RAFBF website. South West Region have taken the lead on this project and now requires your input in order to help decide. Remember – The more input we can get, the greater chance of this been a success!

Further to the recent survey carried out in South West Region, HQAC has now selected the four items that are to be made available through the RAF Benevolent Fund catalogue, and on their website. These items will only be available for purchase through the Fund – they will not be available anywhere else or given away as gizzits at Airshows. Prices have not yet been finalised, but will be similar to other items on sale.

A quick survey is available through where you can enter your views and make a difference to support your organisation. The deadline is Friday, 16th August so when you next have a spare 5 minutes quickly log on and make your views count. Let your fellow Air Cadet colleagues know as we want the views of everyone from within the organisation – Cadets, staff, civilian committee and parents