Air Cadet Blue at the Tattoo

If you are organising a major event and require first class assistance to deal with the multitude of customer facing tasks that need to be performed, where do you turn? If the event is the Royal Windsor Tattoo then the answer is simple, the Air Cadet Organisation.

That’s how come cadets from 259 (Windsor), 2477(Britwell) 153 (Slough) Squadrons, under the command of OC Windsor Squadron,  Sqn Ldr Neil Knowles came to be involved in this immensely high profile event.

This British Tri Service Military Musical Spectacular event, hosted by Alan Titchmarsh and attended by a number of members of the Royal Family including Her Majesty The Queen escorted by Prince Phillip was aimed at providing support for servicemen and women through entertainment. Alongside the UK’s Armed Forces there was representation this year from over 250 personnel from the French Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie in support of the Anglo French defence alliance. Naturally such an undertaking required expert assistance in the presence of the public and thus the Air Training Corps was called upon to provide a uniformed presence whilst offering assistance such as guidance to guests to help locate their seats and assistance to those less able to deal with show stands and its many stairs.

Over the 4 days of the event the ATC provided 8 staff and approximately 50 cadets and gained some considerable praise from those they encountered and assisted. One member of the public was overheard to say “I have to say how smart your cadets all look in their uniforms, it makes me so proud”