WASP – Simulator with a sting in its tail!

Thames Valley Wing has just launched their first Wing Aerospace Support Platform – or WASP for short.  It has been designed to be used as a recruitment platform or mobile classroom which can be towed behind a family car and set up in a matter of minutes.

Wing Media Communications Officer, Squadron Leader Mark Trevena, takes up the story “we wanted to build something to complement the existing Air Cadet Engagement Platforms and would allow us to project our message into smaller local venues that were previously impossible for us to reach with sophisticated  aerospace kit”.

The WASP has a state of the art simulator supplied by RC Simulations which has robust controls, full instrumentation and a rumble seat for extra realism.  It’s built into a trailer made by Blackburn Trailers and in the back there is seating for six with a lap top position for briefings and projector. And on the outside there is a LED message board and DVD player. In engagement mode the side opens but in the classroom mode the side is shut and reveals a whiteboard and heater to allow year round use.

In total the WASP cost under £20K as Sqn Ldr Trevena explains “we were fortunate to secure funding through South East RFCA, The Connaught Drill Halls Trust and our own Wing Executive Committee. Wherever we could we reused existing kit such our simulator PC’s and screens to cut down the cost and  make the WASP as cost effective as possible”. He continues “In use the WASP is just a dream to use and has already been successful in the recruitment of cadets and staff volunteers”.