Success breeds success for Commandant

Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, boss of the entire Air Cadet Organisation, has visited Thames Valley Wing’s annual Training Day and Conference held at RAF Halton.

She gave a keynote address, briefing the staff and Staff Cadets on her first 100 days in command and her ambitious plans for the future. Addressing the Wing she said “success breeds success – I am blown away by the commitment you make!” She continued by saying how much her new role means to her “people are amazed when they hear that this role is the biggest command in the Royal Air Force – this is a massive job and the biggest challenge of my career – it’s the best job ever!” She also briefed the gathering on her 2020 Future Vision and more immediate work including keeping flying and gliding at the very core and an internal communication review to make sure messages can reach Squadrons and back to her more easily.

Later, she spent some time with the Squadron Commanders and Staff Cadets before hearing about the Wing’s new initiative to deliver the Corp Cadet Experience – Are You On Target? During the presentation she explained how she the Air Cadet Organisations offer a wide range of challenges “I’ve continued to be amazed at breadth of our activities”.

The last word from the Commandant was to the staff “You are the centre of gravity – we simply couldn’t have an organisation like this without you”.