Newbury Air Cadets support March for Honour

Newbury Air Cadets supported the recent March for Honour when it passed though their local area during the national, 200 mile marathon aiming to help raise £1 Million for the Royal British Legion.

Traffic ground to halt as the route was lined by hundreds of school children and members of the public wanting to show their support to the teams from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force.  The Newbury Air Cadets accompanied the teams into Newbury before helping next day at the high profile launch which saw the marchers cheered on their way by well wishers at the Newbury Royal British Legion.

Newbury marked the 5th day of the 200 mile challenge which saw the RAF march from Stamford to Wooton Bassett where they were joined by the other teams.  The 4 services then marched together for the final 2 days which saw them march to London where the founder of the March for Heroes, Lance Corporal Ram Patten, delivered the Book of Remembrance to the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance.

One of the Newbury cadets at the launch was Cpl Danny Ockwell, 17, was impressed with the event – “The event was really good fun to be part of – there was a inspiring sense of camaraderie amongst the team involved and we cheered them on and gave them lots of support. They were all really keen, committed and dedicated and showed a great sense of pride and drive to complete the event as a team.”

The 4 man RAF Team came from RAF Honnington and was backed up a dedicated support team. Marching in the bright autumnal sunshine Sergeant Leigh “Hobbo” Hobson, summed up his feelings “it has been mega, really good, with the RAF leading from the front! We started up at Stanford near Peterborough and all the way down to Wooton Basset it has been fantastic.  It was great meeting up at Wooton Basset yesterday as it was the first time a lot of us had met the other teams and the reception from the public was fantastic which has the same all the way through. The RAF’s Sgt Chris “Cunny” Cuncliffe, also enjoyed the whole experience. “It’s been really good with lots of banter and there is a high morale to get us through to London. The support from Newbury has been excellent.”

Founder of March for Heroes is Royal Marine Lance Corporal Ram Patten said “I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who has supported us – we are trying as hard as we can to meet everyone in person.”  He continued “MFH 2011 is geared to be even bigger and better than this year.  It will include the entire UK!  There will be teams starting from NI, Scotland, England and Wales, with a huge focus being on ‘The Next Generation’ – please get involved!”

You can still support the March For Honour by texting MARCH to 70222 which will see a £3 donation go to the Royal British Legion.  More information can be found at