Cadets Lend a Hand at Reading Half Marathon

Bright and early on Sunday morning the vast army of volunteers headed for Reading’s Madejski Stadium, which included many brave faces from Burghfield and Earley Air Cadet Squadrons. For the third year running 2402 Burghfield Squadron has been an active partner in this Marathon.

Many of the runners being members of the armed forces commented on how great was to see the blue footprint at such an event. With the improved reception of the runner’s equipment storage, the whole day was a total success. The art of communication paid off as often the runner’s kit had been located before the runner had reach the reception point.

My congratulations to 1996 Earley Squadron for providing its own force of volunteers. The enthusiasm and willingness to complete the task efficiently was amazing. Lead by chairman of the committee and a strong contingent of civilian instructors, it made the task seem easy.