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10 January 20

Wing Conference Programme

Updated and ready for interaction from those atatending

Wing Conference -Attendees

Updated attendees list. reminder dinner is at 1900hrs -conference starts at 1930hrs in Churchill Theatre

ATex Opportunities 2020

Whats coming up -make a note of dates

AT register

WATTO is requested by region to compile an AT register to ensure we are safe in our At activities -please support this request

Uniformed DAy in london

Step forward all those interested in other things!

Invitation to STEM Day

free invite to a STEM Day


Please see JIs for this shooting activity.

20 December 19

Wing Headquarters

We are closed for Xmas and New Year -see reminders about leaving property safe!!

Portreath Residential 2020

Applications must come through Wing Hqs

Wing Conference JIs

Please read for both Sqn Cdrs Briefing and Adj/Trg Off Conference
Any updates will be sent out on 8/9 Jan. Packs of information will be given out at the arrivals desk.

DA Plan

This will help to get from A to B -if in doubt call WExO on arrival!

Friday - report to Churchill Theatre (keys/briefing)
Saturday - report to Lefroy Theatre

Conference Attendees

This has gone to the event planners at DA -names of attendees will be on the main gate.

Conference Programme(Draft)

Your input will be needed to make this a success.

DoE Update

Latest news from outgoing DoE Officer .Thanks to Flt Lt Churnside as DoE Officer who has filled the role for many years

TVW Roadmarching

Burn off that xmas pudding and more! Join in some serious Road marching

Summer Camps CC

RAF Shawbury CC announced

Deadlines 2020

Dont miss out -opportunities to thank both staff and cadets

Staff Induction Briefing

Report from recent SIB-still some common themes continue to appear

13 December 19


A chance to go on an expedition to the USA Over 16 and under 18

Grand Landings -Application Form

Applications to Wing HQs by 12 Jan 2020.

next L144A1 IWT and LFMT

Date changed to 18 Jan 2020.

SNCOs and WO Conference

Save the date and give it your support .Be heard!

Wing Cadet Portal warning note

Ahead of the launch of Cadet Portal on Monday 6 January please find attached a few suggestions to help prepare Squadrons.

Wing Cross Country

Please read and respond to the attached

Wing Calendar 2020

the 2020 FoE now incorporates the MACs, FT, AT and Sports activity. The WAD date is being reviewed and will be added when decided. The document will be as previous years a living document which will be updates quarterly."