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17 August 18

CE Region Sports Officer

Anyone moving across the border?

Chance to become a Staff Cadet at 637VGs

Open days if you are interested in becoming a staff cadet.

DoE Expedition

Read criteria and details to apply

ATex Weekend

Please read process to apply -

Wing Routine Orders

Latest comings and goings plus a few reminders

Commandants Mission Statement

We go forward as one team

Medical Clearance

process for submitting F6424 medical Forms

BTEC Workshop

Note cancellation -shame lack of support!

RAD Music

Lets put a good band into RAD -please support this -we have cadets in Corps Band so please join wing band as well!

Weapon Muster

Shooting officer is warning you NOW -its coming soon another Weapon Muster ,but this time its a visual check.

Are your weaponsall registered?

Remember those that gave

A worthy cause to get involved in.

First Aid Competition

Your support needed

Air Rifle Training

Golden opportunity -dont miss out

10 August 18

C17 Manifest for 29 Aug

136,155,2402,2267,2507 to note

VOYAGER 17 Aug Manifest

Updated due to drop outs; Manifest for 17th Aug - 136,1861 plus Plymouth and Cornwall Wing please note!

Region Activities Day

Contact Sqn ldr Andrews if in doubt

TLC Nominations

Please read and disseminate accordingly

Pirbright Update

We are getting an increase in drop outs ,please double check cadets are ATTENDING -No refunds ....

03 August 18

ATC Code of Conduct

A repeated item that needs to be displayed and read by all

Canoe expedition in Scotland

want to get wet in Scotland?

HMS Bristol Training Weekend

Applications to TVW HQs by 20 Sept.

HMS Bristol weekend

Application form

Birmingham Tattoo

Ticket proforma

Pirbright JIs

Please disseminate to those listed.
Note Attendees Note transport plan.

Transport demands

Please read -transport carries a few criterias

BTECH Workshop JIs

Good course to attend

27 July 18

Hire Vehicles outside UK

Now available for overseas camps tec. But there is a justification process to go through

Flying -C17

I am looking for your bext Cadet NCO/Plus one staff member needed for this special trip.

Wing Organisation Chart

Its not the new dart board? Please get to know who does what in TVW. Face to a name

TASER trawl

Interested in shooting ? get on board the bus!


Every Squadron has a HERO! Why not thank them through Thrive 2018...
With the loss of Sqn Ldr Trevena (tech man) the awards will be slightly different this year -watch this space -put a name in the hat!

First Aid At Work Course Calling Notice

First Aid At Work Course Calling Notice

Activity First Aid Course Calling Notice

Activity First Aid Course Calling Notice

20 July 18

RAF 100 Message

Word of thanks from OC 22 Group

Region Alpine Adventure 2019

Fancy going downhill fast -read more

F6424 Medical Form

New form must now be used.

AEF Report Form

Complete form after every allocation and send to WAvO -he needs to keep records of who has or not flown!

Gliding report form

Must be sent to WAvO after eack allocation.

Update ACTO 32 Gliding

Please update yourselves.

Update ACT36

RAFAC Pilot Navigation Courses


Updated ACTO31

20180720-Pirbright Camp 2018 Cadet Joining Instructions

Initial Joining Instructions for [retracted] Camp.
Transport to be confirmed.

20180712-Wg Aircraft Recce Comp 2018-Notice

Wing Aircraft Recce Comp 2018 Notice

20180719-Wing Fieldcraft Team Update

Vacancy for Dep Fieldcraft Officer and Sector Fieldcraft Coordinators are still available.

Updated Eligibility for TLC

Updated item from last week

Updated Fieldcraft - staff qualifications

Updated Fieldcraft staff qualifications list