Mail Drops

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23 June 17

Safeguarding Letter for Cadets

A reminder that the attached letter should be issued to all new cadets joining your Squadron.

Summer Camp Driving Hours

A reminder to staff attending Summer Camp about drivers hours and the rules that need to be followed.

TASER Trawl Notice - July Weekend

Please find the trawl for the July TASER weekend.

Civilian Instructors SMS records

Please find a note about SMS records for Civilian Instructors

Upcoming Risk Assessor and Cadet ELA Mentor Course

Following a number of Squadron Health and Safety inspections a Risk Assessor and Cadet Entry Level Award Mentor scheme will be run in the Wing.

Security Update

Please find the latest Security update from HQAC to ensure all staff are aware.

16 June 17

JNCO Course JIs

Please find attached the JIs for the upcoming JNCO Course. Note that the course will now start on Saturday morning rather than Friday evening.

SNCO Course JIs

Please find the joining instructions for the upcoming SNCO Course.

July TASER Trawl

Trawl notice for the July TASER weekend.

FAAW and AFA Course Reminder

Please find a course reminder for the upcoming FAAW and AFA course.

09 June 17

TLC Warning Order

Please find attached the warning order for the next TLC Weekend.

Pre-TLC Selection Weekend

Please find the calling note for the upcoming pre-TLC training selection weekend.

Update on Music PTS badges

Please find an update on the Music badges now they are in stock and issuing of badges. This has changed since the launch of the PTS claims system and will be adjusted in due course.

Information poster on MT processes

Information from MT on the reasons behind the processes when using MT fleet.

Trawl notice for Wing Challenge

Please note deadlines for staff and cadet entries for this years Wing Challenge.

Pirbirght camp reminder

Staff needed still for Pirbright camp so it can still go ahead - please trawl Squadron staff for interest and sign-up via the camp nominations system

Latest SMS Developments

Following the previous email you can find the latest SMS developments using the attached link

02 June 17

Latest Cadet Muster Update

Please find update from WExO on the Cadet Muster at RAF [retracted] including information about static displays, photography and Wing POC.

Berks Annual Maintenance Inspections

Annual Maintenance Inspections for Berks Squadrons will take place on Mon3 and Tue 4th July 17. Please see attached for details.

Future Leaders Camp 2017 Reminder

The deadline for the FL camp is drawing near and will be closing 15 June. Places are starting to fill up nicely but we can still accommodate a few more cadets. Please don't be shy in recommending any of your capable 16 and overs as they will be considered if a shortfall occurs. There may be the opportunity for interested staff to attend to either add skills and experience or to use this as a development opportunity if availability allows.

WAD Diorama Information

Information on this years set model for WAD and RAD.

Joining Instructions for upcoming AVIP Course

Please see attached JIs for the upcoming AVIP course that has replaced the BASIC course. Please ensure staff/cadets listed are also given the booklet in the next Mail Drop item.

AVIP TVW Workbook

The attached AVIP workbook replaces the previous BASIC booklet and all staff/cadets attending the upcoming AVIP course need to be provided the attached in advance.

Blue Aviation Training Package Opportunity

Whilst we work with 637 VGS to secure part task trainer slots for TVW we will start to run FAM and Blue ATP courses across the wing. The first session has been arranged and details can be found on the attached.

Opportunity to offer cadets a BTEC Level 1 in Teamwork

The Wing has the opportunity to offer cadets a BTEC Level 1 in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship offered by CVQO

This BTEC is available to any enrolled cadet who has not yet passed 1st class classification and is currently free of charge.

Upon confirmation of the award registration, units will be asked to populate the cadet details in SMS with the CVQO reference number so that the data link can be established. Once the cadet record is then updated to show 1st class classification, the award will be processed and certificates sent to the unit VQ Officer.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact and a poster is attached for you to display.

BTEC Level 1 Enrolement Form

As mentioned above enrolement form attached for the BTEC Level 1 - Why not include this as part of your induction packs for new cadets and once completed forms should be posted to:
CVQO Ltd 3 Archipelago Lyon Way Camberley Surrey GU16 7ER

26 May 17

Trawl for interest for a Wing Rugby Union EFAW Course

To supplement the first aid training that is provided at a Wing level the Wing first Aid Training Team have enrolled the help of the Rugby Football Union (RFU). The RFU deliver a course specific to rugby and sport.

Trawl for Low Value Minor New Works for FY 17/18.

Remember that LVMNW covers new items (notice boards, flag poles, radio antenna, POL cabinets, additional electrical sockets etc. LVMNW does not cover reactive tasks (dripping taps etc) or routine planned maintenance (re-decoration).

Cost effect infrastructure and transport requests

Please help by been cost effect with any transport requests and infrastructure works.

Note from WExO re status of Summer Camps

Still cadet places available for summer camps so please promote and get TG Forms and payment into WHQ.

Update on CI ID cards

Note from HQAC on the current status of this project that has been delayed due to other work streams.

Security Poster for Squadrons

Pleaase find available a poster from the NPCC for display in Squadrons.

ACO Document Updates

Please note new form HSE 014 and updates to HSE Form 002 (RAs) and various changes including updates to Civilian Committee documents.

TASER Trawl Notice

Please find the latest Trawl notice for the upcoming TASER weekend.

Heartstart Instructors Course

Please find a trawl notice for the upcoming Heartstart Instructors Course been held at the WAC.

Heartstart Annual Assessment

Please find details of the upcoming opportunity to complete Instructor annual assessments for the Heartstart scheme.