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12 October 18

Northolt Camp Kit List

Pleae be aware -lots of external visits on this camp so good respectable clothing please.

05 October 18

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme

Applications will be considered by a Region board -please ensure they are complete!

ACPS Application Form

complete to Wing Hqs by 20 Nov 18

WAd- Aircraft Recce

The winners are!!!!

D of E Costs

Reminder of the new D of E Costs

WAD Final Scores

Scores from Wing Activities Day 2018

Bronze Cyber Course JIs

Bronze Cyber Course JIs

Wing First Aid Competition Team

Well done to the cadets who attended the SW Region First Aid Competition

Silver Badge Leadership Training Weekend Note

There are still places available on the upcoming Silver Badge Leadership Training Weekend

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget: Keep Their Stories Alive
A Nationwide Initiative to Preserve Our Memories of the Great War (1914-1918)

DofE 2018 Bulletin BB

D of E Blue Badge claification

SW Region First Aid Competition 2018 Results - CADET

Well done to the TVW team who came first in the Cadet competition

SW Region First Aid Competition 2018 Results - YOUNG ADULT

Well done to the TVW team who came first in the Young Adult competition

28 September 18

CI Uniform

Christmas has come early for CI's -contact Urzsula

Ivitations to MPs

Read note and follow steps please!

MP visit

Please complete form as requested


Opportunity missed too say thanks and well done

THRIVE AWARDS 2018 - nominations

Nominations are in -thank you
Invitations to event out soon.


New process

LVMNW -the process

read this before putting ink to paper!

RAF Northolt Transport Plan

transport plan for Autumn Camp

Equipment from Wing Hqs

Things have gone missing - its got to change

Wing Dining Out Night

We will dine out Sqn Ldr Trevena (Capt Poldark) on 12 Jan 19

he moves to HIOW Wing 1 Oct 18 on promotion.

Farewell from Dep OC TVW

A few kinds words from Sqn Ldr Trevena -we wish him well and long may he reign!

Exercise Blue Ham

Get involved with Exervcvise Blue Ham

Mechanincal Transport

Drive a minibus ? RA in place ? read on.....its most importasnt you understand whats require

Shooting Support Needed

Cadets want to shoot -but we need staff to teach and support events

Region Activities Day (RAD)

Final details -we realise its a short tutn round from WAD but we need your support on this please

Trip to India 22-28 Jan 19

A trip of a lifetime
Any interested staff member or cadet Over 18 on date of travel should contact WEXO by 15 October
Note; trip attracts NO Public Funds contribution

DoE News

Notes about chages to DoE

21 September 18


Read and disseminate please


Whats a Core Activitiy?
I suugest before applying to run or organise an event you read ACTO 11 to see if its supported from public funds?

VA -Volunteer Agreement

More on last weeks announcement -our system is slow -help if staff could uplod VA

Wing Headquarters -Roles

Now we are at full strength and have established a good understanding of the task ahead! We have broken down the responsibilities of who does what...
Unless someone is on leave -please do not send to all -we trust each other to get on with the job and talk if their is an issue -thanks

Pirbright 2018

Thanks to Flt Lt Luke Baker(153) and his team a brilliant week was held -qualifications acheived are in....

Expressions of Interest

Opportunities for some

RAD 2018

Dont let it come as a shock if you are successful at WAD -lets put our strongest team forward for RAD

TLC Warning order

Whats coming up in 2019 -TLC dates

TLC -the results

Were you succesful at TLC

TLC delivery

Undersdtand whats being delivered!

Flying Scholarships

Apply for a £12K Scholarship

DOE Good News

Congratulations all

WAD Update

Please check this changing document -staff allocations have been made.

14 September 18

SWATT Shooting Course

Advised to discuss with Wing Shooting Officer before submitting application.

SWATT Course

Application form

Autumn Camp

Numbers are getting close to full-please read this note; You may have your name on sharepoint -but has the cadet been selected? NO -means no money or consent form received at Wing Hqs..

Scholarship Opportunity

Those wishing to gain a career in flying -read on!

AEF Update

Allocations out soon-numbers will be low -out of my control

AEF Allocation Matrix

Due to staff shortsage at 6 AEF -Wg Cdr Knell (RAvo LASER) took on allocations for all 7 wings parented by 6 AEF -thought I would share with you the problems he has getting us all in the air.

Volunteer Agreement

Please sign by 12 october 18

TDT Appointment

Deputy Fieldcraft Oficer Appointed

6AEF Allocations

Sorry can't plaese all -those that miss out will gain places as soon as I get more!

ATex Opportunity

Get your name in before we have to decide if its viable or not.

Autumn Expedition

Annex A to Expedition -go for it!!

AT poster

Print and display

JNCO Course JI's

if you have cadets on this course please;
..print copy and hand it to cadet attending
..explain to cadet what is expected of them.
make sure they understand Jis

Update on Courses

Future Courses explained

RAD Music

repeat trawl for support. We support local parades and Corps Bands lets support a wing band!!!