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20 April 18


Updated with extra places

AEF Advice

Please see note of constant errors at AEF

Gliding Silver Wings

Gliding is on the up -better weather is on the horizon.Silver Wings Courses available for over 16s

13 April 18

Accounts F60

Please ensure your cttee treasurer is aware


Must be completed on this Form

F60 Sample Form

Form made simple by Wing Treasurer

PTT at 637VGs

Allocations for May 18.

637Vgs JIs

read before attending 637VGs -airfields are cold and sunny!

RAF Leeming Update

Staff attending RAF Leeming Camp -MT Orders and Shooting qualifications in date? Full Admin order/transport plan nearer the date.

Voyager Flight -May 18th

WAVo continues to push for seats

Gliding Update

New National Allocations in place -we have 622 Upavon and 637VGs as our allocated providers

RIAT Allocations

Listed is what I have received - the presentation of consent forms were appaulling -whq hqs does not have a crystal ball trying to work out is this cadet on main or extended camp! This list and consent forms have gone to RIAT team as per admin order.

South West Region Battle Camp

Interested -read on -remember you need WExO approval for all allowance and travel claims

Sennelager Camp

Been selected - docs needed by 30 April 18.

RAF Benson Youth Muster

Last year ATC had 700 places this year 75 -read the title of the event "Youth Muster" for all 14 year olds!
We hope to get more places -please bid as per direction

Leadership Training

Want to be a Follower ,Doer or leader? If its Leadership read on


Plans and transport in place -read JIs to ensure its a success.


Forthcoming ATF Courses

DoE Bulletin

Our successful Award Winners

09 April 18

RAF100 Church Parade

Please read and read and read ...

CI Membership Cards

Membership Cards are now available,follow links and follow process in place

Future Leaders 2018

Have you registered yet?

Future Leaders 2018

Brilliant week in place -


Are you going?

DATA protection

What do you do with your consent forms? Read on!

Pilot Careers

What to be a pilot?

SWATT Application Form

revised form for a shooting course!

DoE RAF 100 Camp

Opportunity for some

TLC Joining Instructions

Must follow instructions if you intend to attend this TLC

TLC -Sqn Cdrs Notes

Please read this guide

29 March 18

Wing Athletics

Get involved -points wins cups!

Athletics -the questions

Look at the list of questions before emailing!

Athletics -returns form

read the criterias and fill in the categories

Radio Signal

Tune in,communicate and talk

Radio Cyber Update

Latest information

New Risk Assessment Forms

Read the announceemnt on Region Sharepoint site

TASER trawl

In doubt call TASER Team


trawl for next TASER

RAF100 National Aerospace Camp

Selected Cadets for the Camp ,as per arrival of consent forms and cheques. reserves will be called forward by Corps.

Drill and Cereminial Camp

Process for staff participation,follow the process -in doubt speak with WWO

Drill and Ceromonial Camp

Cadets processing for attending -speak with WWO

Military Pilgrimage

For Staff Only -read on

Military Pilgrimage -invite

The invitation to partake


Your name on list?

23 March 18

RAF100 Marks and Spencers Bag PAck

Corps wide fund raising event
replies by 3 April

Air Defence Corps

Marks and Spencers History

The War Efforts

Very good read for the historians

6 AEF Update

Your allocations may have changed;check and put dates and allocation on your calendar

Easter Camp Admin Istruction

Please disseminate to all cadets listed

Easter Camp Kit List

Please make sure cadets are aware of what they need to bring to camp

Windsor RAF 100 Parade

This is the final administraion instruction for this parade.Please disseminate to all,in particular the cadets ,all needs to understand times and the part they all need to play to make it a success.

Benson Transport Plan

Please get to location on time

RAF100 Parade -Tasking

Great care has been taken to make this event successful ,please help by responding where you have been tasked!

AT Experience weekend

Interested ? Abide by deadline or you dont get a place

DoE Weekend

Interested? Meet the deadline (money and form to Wing by closing date or you dont go!

Leeming Cancellation 11-18Aug

Sorry - RAF 100 STEM Week takes priority -WExO is trying to get another week elsewhere. Monies to be returned

Region Vacancy

Another Vacancy...seems to be a common theme at present


Do you fit the role?

DoE Expedition Update

Uncertain? Speak with Wing DoE Officer

DoE Update

Good information enclosed ...