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15 March 19

New Appointemnt -WAvO

After 22 years ,Sqn Ldr New hands over the cockpit to Flt Lt Caffrey!

D1 Driver Training

With lack of 50/50 vehicles this could be crucial training.

Insurance Appilcation Form

Join at the correct level!

Over 18

Want to stay on in ATC -please read

Mental Health Training

Golden opportunity and good course to get involved in

Wing Training Day -14 April 19

Open to all Staff,Committee Chairman,Staff Cadets
A must attend for all staff
No other activity approved for this date

Lowland Leader Award

Get a qualification

Climbing Assistant wanted

Interested in Climbing


Please make sure you attend

SLATEApp Security

Please see note - its a safe secure payment method

Fieldcraft Guidance Updated

Please read -its important.

TLC LTS-30 March updated

Still a lot to pay


still a lot of cadets not paid

TLC 30 April

please pay your fees!

Heart Start

Are you current

Wing Challenge 2019

Its back! -please make cadets and staff aware it clashes with Summer Camp at St Mawgan

Wing Challenge -Payment

Plesase complete form to register

Squadron Insurance

Please ensure OC Squadron,Chairman,Treasurer read and understand this new process

08 March 19

Camp Process -repeated

Looking at Social Media its clear some missed this first time out!
Simple -nominate cadets on line -send in forms
SALTE will contact parents or payee!

Wing Apointments

New Wing Media ,CPA officers


Tips on using SALTE App
Its the only way to pay for activities -cadets will miss out if not used!


calling all Rugby Fans

WO/ SNCO Conference

Your chance to speak out -dont complain in the dark. WWO offering you all a chance to network by staying over -discuss ideas and a way firward in a changing organisation

Silver Leadership

you on board?

Cadet Portal

New Cadet Portal


Please read and disseminate

Peak District Expedition

Gold and Silver DoE Opportunities


They have arrived -please see policy for awarding them...


Please check if you have cadets on this course

Mail Drop Information

Your form of communication -read all about it.

JIs for L98 Shooting

Make sure you read these

JIs for Air Rifle Shooting

Forth Coming event at the [retracted]


Please read

F150 Vehicles

Important facts

Shooting Update

We need these deatails to make sure we and you are complient!

01 March 19

ACLC 2019

Congratualtions to all those from TVW that have gained a place. Applications from the wing were way below demand -more next year please.

Mental Health Training

Mental Health is a concern in both civillian and service life -we are going to support staff and cadets

Wing Training Day

Warning Notice -book the date now!


Are your cadets on the course ? If so inform them NOW!

JIs JNCO Course

Please read and disseminate


Read and disseminate to Cadets please

TLC -30 March

Are yopu on the list?

TLC - April 2019

JIs enclosed.

22 February 19


congratulations to all


Help Tam Leaders -get paperwork completed on time

Wing Routine Orders

Staff Movements

Radio Course

Places on course still



Radio Course

Spaces on this course

OC Wing Template

Do you meet the criteria -its not a simple task -do you have the skills?

Female Headress Policy

See note thats been directed by Comdt AC

15 February 19

Summer Camp CC

Staff places available

Sports Players needed

Disseminate and contact sports officer

Safety Centre News

Please read and follow links

Taster Weeks


Taster Weeks Poster

Opportunities -display the poster

FAAW Course

Read details -no SLATE Form and payment -NO place on course....

Arnhem 2019

Opportunity to participate -note this trip carries no financial support(travel/VA) from Corps funds

Shooting results

Contact Wing Shooting Officer if you want to get involved

ATEx Week

£90 for a week of adventure

First Aid Training Qualification for Staff

Reminder that all CFAV's should hold a First Aid Qualification and the certificate is to be uploaded to SMS

National Aerospace Camp 2019

In line with the new CAmp Allocations in place =South West Region have NO places at this camp.

Pre RIAT Help needed

If you can help please contact Sqn Ldr Barker


The first Exercise “Week Signal” of 2019 runs from 18 - 22 February 2019 and all TVW Sqns are encouraged to participate either on their parade nights or as part of an extra night’s activities.