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16 August 19

Latest [retracted] joining instructions

Please find attached the latest [retracted] camp joining instructions and Squadrons should check that cadets have received a copy and have all the required items on the kit list.

D1 training reminders

Latest updates and reminders from HQAC about the D1 driving courses available for you to attend. Includes information on claiming costs and links to dates and training material.

ATeX Introduction trawl

Please find a trawl for the October ATeX experience weekend to provide cadets with an introduction to adventure training. Staff support is also needed.

ATeX DofE expedition

Details attached for the October ATeX Duke of Edinburgh expedition opportunity for cadets to complete their Bronze exped.

Air Rifle joining instructions

Please find attached the joining instructions for the Air Rifle training and live-fire sessions taking place on the 31 Aug and 1 Sep.

09 August 19

Cadet Drill Course

Warning Notice of a new course

WSO Appointments

repeated from earlier announcements

L98A2 Adult Staff trawl

Cadets cant shoot without appropraite staff

Wing HQs

Shaortage of staff and ALeave will leave Wing HQs closed on certain dates. Call before travel

FTCs -reminder to sign up

Please sign up for the dates.
Added payment details

L98A2 IWT for FTCs Warning Order

Ahead of the new Wing Fieldcraft & Tactics Courses (Wg FTCs), there will be opportunities for Initial Weapons Training (IWT)

02 August 19

Administration Order - October ATEX

Please read and make sure selected cadets are aware of deadlines for payment.

RAF Odiham 17-24Aug Nominal Role

Nominal role and transport plan. Kit list and Camp AO previously announced.Please check sharepoint ,as there are cadets yet to submit consent forms -time is running out!


Opportunities coming your way!

Two Positional Air Rifle Competition

get involved at the competitional level

[retracted] JIs

Please read and make note of transport times -there is no variation ! Only CC is permitted to claim Travel to and from Camp -only whitefleet vehicles and SOVs are permitted to be used during camp period.
OCs pleae check sharepoint for non payees ! SLATE works (mind over matter)

26 July 19

RAF Odiham Weeks 10-17 17-24 Aug

Administration order for both Camps

RAF Odiham Transport Plan

Transport and Nominal role -please make sure your cadets are aware of pick up times

Cadet Camp equipment list

Don't forget sleeping bag -you are in tents!!

Wing Routine Orders

Change of Command

DoE Bulletin

Please display to all


Please use this method at all times -we have wondered down the slippery slope again when inviting MPs to visit Sqns!

Indoor Climbing

Opportunity for a Indoor Climbing Assistant

DCCT Calling Notice

get involved in shooting

Annex A to calling Notice

Please complete Annex A

Aerospace vist to Cranfield

Good opportunity to explore Aerospace

FCT Warning Notice

Fieldcraft and Tatics Courses

YFA Course Cancelled

Cancelled due to lack of nominations by closing date

L98A2 Opportunities

Opportunity Knocks for the shooting needs

Message from OC Wing

Message to all from Wg Cdr C Fisher OBE RAFAC

19 July 19

AVIP -Joining Instructions

Please make sure those listed attend.

Inter Sqn Swimming

Please support this event.

Learn to Fly a Drone

Chance to learn the correct procedure for Drone Flying

Live Fire Competition

read and Sign up

Annex to Calling Notice

read before signing up

Provisional Warning Notice L98

You asked for more shooting please support

Parachute Courses

Oversubscribed Parachute Course -two courses have been announced.

Camp Update

Message from WExO -please read as your cadets could miss out

Banner Drill

Please note the rules

Foot Drill

Please note whats in and whats out! best foot forward !

Wing Arms Drill team

New activity for RAD -support the WWO by getting a good team together


WExO keen to support -but please abide by the process