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15 September 17

AEF Changes

Please note changes are out of our control,so no discussions with 6 AEF

Central Sector Shotgun Day

Read and inform all

Pre TLC report

Read and see how good you were!

AOC22Grp letter

Thanks to all staff that have been involved in Camps


Find out about STEM

FAW Course

Get qualified at a low cost!

08 September 17

Transport and Finance

Important facts if you want to claim or request transport

Vacancy -Media Officer

Interested in Media ? Fancy being TVW Media officer -then speak to Flt lt Dan Holden

Media Officer TOR

Facts for the Job!

Region Activities Day -RAD

Short turn round from WAD to RAD -pre warn our star cadets

Shooting -Training

Opportunity to train on new weapon!

Wing Bulletin

Who has been appointed ? Who has left?

2017 Aerospace Camp

Read about the successful 2017 Camp -aim is to double the size in 2018

2017 Aerospace Camp - graphic

Facts and Figures in graphic style

Safe Guarding Poster

Please display this poster

Are you alone ?

Please read and display this crucial poster -are you alone with a cadet?

CVQO Leadership Course

Opportunity -its free

Shooting Bids

Are queries to Wing Shooting Officer

Shooting Courses

Applying for a Shooting Course? Make sure you follow this SW Region route


Have you nominated someone yet?

2017 Wing Activities Day -WAD

Administration order for WAD 17

RAD Music Competiotn

Any musical stars out there?

01 September 17

YFA Course JI's

Make sure you know the details

Air Cadet Rendevous

Radio enthusiasts read on!

Squadron Maintenance Inspections

Help WExO to get support from the system

We are sailing!

Any sailors -read more

Swim Declaration

You cant sail without this

Consent to Sail

Consent to Sail must be completed

Select the Tall Ship you wish to sail on

Complete your details to sail on either ship

BADER Queries

Get the BADER POC to raise your issues!

AT Experience

Open to all Cadets and staff wishing to experience AT -uncertain call the WATTO

AT Experience -HALTON Lancashire

Another great AT Experience opportunity -uncertain -speak to Dep WATTO

Invite to Sunset Ceremony

A chance to show off the Wing - Its a first for TVW so please support and make it a success! Book a place on sharepoint.

Radio Operators Course -JI's

See if you are on the list

Bronze Radio Course

You attending ?

Cyber Foundation Badge(Bronze)

Are you on the course

2018 Dates for Windermere and Fairbourne

Two good weeks for TVW in 2018

25 August 17

Trawl for Squadron Training Officers Workshop

Please ensure all Squadron Training Officers are made aware of the workshop including anyone with an interest in supporting their Squadron as Training Officer in the future.

Reminder for September Training Weekend

Following the Summer holidays please remind cadets of the attached opportunities available over the September Training Weekend.

Cadet Training Reminders and Updates

With new intakes in September and cadets returning from camps please find a handy reminder on the correct processes for claims and record keeping for cadet training.

Squadron Commander Vacancies

If you want to lead your own Squadron -read on!

Squadron Commanders TORs

TORs to help you decide if its for you!

Inter Squadron Swimming

An event for every Squadron -lets make a splash and be successful!

Swimming Entry Forms

get those names registered

Swimming Questions

The answers to all the quaestions

Looking for Musicians

Chance to blow your own trumpet!

Radio Course

Bronze Radio Course.

Radio Course

Cyber Radio Course

Radio Course

Blue Badge Radio Course

Pre -TLC

Thank you!’ for the positive response received so far. There are still places available; make additional nominations using the E-Nominations list, backed-up by an email to the depfield.tvw

18 August 17


Interested in Cyber ? read on!

AVIP -September 2017

Please check and read joining instructions

AVIP Instruction Booklet

Get prepared for the AVIP Course

Central Sector Air Rifle Day

For Central Sector Squadrons please find attached the Warning Order for the 7th Oct and note return requirements.