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15 June 18

Awards and Thank You

Help we need someboddy!

Pirbright Applications

See note yto confirm how you get a place and pay!!

Junior Leaders

See the process to get a place.

Junior Leaders calling Notice

Read,meet criteria? Apply

JL Application Form

Follow the process and apply...

6 AEF Allocations

Still waiting for Staff Appointments at 6 AEF,also issue with Air Traffic ...fewer places than normal!




repeat of email sent to OC Sqn's - i repeat this is at a huge cost so please do not pull out!

Wing 5 a Side Football

Fancy a kick around ? re-live World Cup -support Wing 5 a side!

Rock Climbing

you a spiderman?

BTEC reminder

In doubt contact Fg Off Barker


Please read and disseminate

Scholarships Available

Any Cadet looking to attend Northampton University?

08 June 18

Warning Note - Change

Please see Warning of some change ahead. Follow the yellow brick road and help improve working practice

Birmingham Tattoo 2018

Fantastic Event - must be self supporting

JNCO Course

Please inform all cadets listed - drop outs will be charged for!

SNCO Course

Lots of effort has been made to get this course viable ,please ensure cadets attend

Taser trawl

Cadets cjance to shoot - call Flt Lt Preston if in doubt


more shooting

Youth First Aid

A briiliant course ,but attendees must attend or it becomes a costly activity

Heart Start

Get trained in Heart Start -useful for life!

Satff Cadet Relationships

Please read what our policy is! Understand it! Abide by it!
If you have doubts call Wing CPA

BTEC Officer

HAve you a BTEC Officer? Read More....


Sign up NOW!

Student reminder

Please remind all cadets

Radio Course

You got cadets on next course?

Cyber Course

You got cadets on this course?

Space Scholarships

Opportuniuties for older cadets

01 June 18

June Ex. Week Signal

The next Exercise “Week Signal” is due to take place next week, 4-8 Jun 18, from 1900hrs to 2130hrs local.

As with the previous exercises in March and April, squadrons are encouraged to take part during their Parade Nights next week

1st Class Log Book Answers

A reminder on 1st Class Log Book Answers being available on websites.

JL Course 19 Report

Junior Leaders Course 17 Report by CWO Dom Perry-Brewer

WW1 Ypres trip - places available

Due to some last minute drop-outs, there are 4 places available for the Ypres trip.

Method of Instruction (MOI) Process

Method of Instruction (MOI) Process -­ Reviewed May 2018

Pirbright Camp Reminder

1 Week to go for nominations.

25 May 18

Volunteer Agreement

A reminder that everyone must sign the new RAFAC Volunteer Agreement by the end of the month

South West Region Exercise Pagan Warrior III

Cadets should then fill out the form at Annex A and pass it to the Sqn Cdr for endorsement. Sqn Cdrs are to return it to the Exercise Adjutant via email. No Later Than 08 Jun 18.

The exercise requires a number of motivated and fit Directing Staff to act as Exercise Conducting Officers, Fieldcraft Instructors, Exercise Assistants, Enemy Forces and Supervising Staff. Directing Staff are not necessarily required to attend the whole Camp (Except ECO’s), and as such we are looking for offers of help for any parts of the camp. All expressions of interest should be directed to the Exercise Adjutant (via email), completing the form at Annex B. No Later Than 08 Jun 18.

Revised SNCO and Commission flow charts

Revised workflows. Please bring them to the attention of
all candidates for Uniformed Service. If you have any queries, please direct them to your Sector Commander in the first instance.

Revised Uniform Workflow note

Note regarding the revised workflow for commission and snco candidates

AVIP 10th June JIs

Joining Instruction for the AVIP Briefing Day Adult Staff Induction Course Briefing Day (previously known as BASIC)

Change of location for TLC: FT1 and TLC: LTS

Further to the mail drop noticed 11th May, the location of the TLC: FT1 and LTS courses has changed.

Volunteer Agreement (SMS)

A reminder that you can scan and upload your Volunteer Agreement to your SMS record, and not have to post it to Wing.

First Class log book answers on websites

Note from HQAC regarding First Class log book answers on websites

Wing Fieldcraft Team

Information regarding the Deputy Wing Fieldcraft Training Officer and Sector fieldcraft coordinator roles

Music Rehearsals

Admin Order for a music rehearsals for an upcoming event

MOI JIs 9th June

Joining Instructions for Method of Instruction Course (MOI) on Sunday 9 Jun 18

18 May 18

MOD People Survey

Very short return on MOD People Survey

Future Leader Camp

Final brief for the Future Leaders Camp being held at the Defence Academy of Great Britain (DA)

New AVIP Workbook

New AVIP Workbook

Windermere interest trawl

DepWATTO is currently trawling for any cadets or staff interested in attending this week long camp. This camp is aimed at providing an Adventure Training opportunity.

Vacancy – Officer Commanding Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing

TORs for the Vacancy for Officer Commanding Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing

Oil Drums Required

The WTT are currently trying to source four 45 gallon Oil Drums

RAF 100 Events

An update on the planned RAF100 activities in London during 8-10 July 2018.

Updated Youth Muster Names

Updated Youth Muster Names


An update on issues with CI uniform

QAIC11 Poster

QAIC11 Poster - Applications for QAIC 11 are open until July 16

QAIC11 Warning Order

Warning Order for QAIC 11