Are You On Target

Are You On Target
Are You On Target?

Get yourself on target to the perfect cadet experience.

Ask your Squadron staff how you can take the journey to achieve all of your ambitions.

1) Flight Simulators will be approved by Sector Commanders with guidance from specialist Wing Staff. Simulators should, as a minimum, have separate controls for the control column, throttle and rudder pedals and will have a flight instrument view.

2) The training should focus on the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS Bronze) syllabus with the cadets carrying expedition rucksacks, cooking on Trangia style cookers and erecting a tent. Optionally cadets could also take part in the Wing AT Taster Days for Climbing and Paddle sport.

3) The lessons are pre-requisites for attendance at the Wing-run TLC weekends and cover Maintenance of Clothing & Equipment, Preparation & Packing of 58 or 90 Pattern Webbing, Personal Hygiene and Feeding In the Field (24hr ORP). These subjects can be carried on Squadron followed by practical CPT.